Bonzer (Traditional)

This is my take on the Campbell Brothers design which originated in the States back in the 1970’s. They paved the way for the inspiration of multi-fin surfboards. The traditional bonzer is designed to surf as a single fin, with long, low profile side fins that are set at a deep angle.  The side fins act as an extension to the concave. The result is extra drive and speed that is typically lost by a single fin. I also make a contemporary option (Bonzer 5) that includes four side fins (i.e. 4 +1).

The Bonzer rocker is low-mid. The bottom contours take the form of rolled entry, slight single concave that enters into a deep, double concave that extends to tunnel channels through the fins.  I prefer a diamond tail, but rounded pin or a swallow tail will also work.

Fin Setup: Single fin box with 2 set side fins or single fin box with 2 FCS side fin plugs. 

Suitable for: Long, running point and reef breaks from 1ft-8ft.