The Grom

With a new generation of kids learning to surf, the transition from a soft board to a fibreglass surfboard can be tricky. It’s very important to select the right board to facilitate the grommet’s progression to the next stage.  I have designed this board to look like a regular board, however it has a lot more volume around the outline for extra stability, without going too long in length. I like to make my Grom boards a little flatter than your contemporary rocker, easier to paddle. I like to keep the bottom simple with a shallow concave into a blended vee. I mostly make rounded square or round tails - preferring to avoid sharp/jagged edges for the Grom.

Lengths: Common lengths range from 4’6 - 5’6. Most of the Grom boards I produce are customised to suit the individual, so contact me for more information.

Fin Setup: Tri fin thruster - FCS or Futures fin system

Suitable For: Small to medium waves: 1-4ft