Vintage Model

Inspired by the pioneers of California surfing in the 1960’s, the Vintage model is functional nostalgia at its best. No hips in this outline! The Vintage model features a forward template which expands the nose area and reduces the tail width for pivot turning. The flat/low rocker profile enhances the nose riding ability of the board to a soulful trim. The bottom contour comprises a subtle nose concave with a refined vee throughout the tail. Most popular as a square, but other shapes can be adapted. The Vintage model has a lot of volume, making it a stand out performer on point breaks or your small beaches. Single fin is a must with the option of a box or set fin upon request. The classic look of multiple stringers, foam stringers or soft coloured tints will add style to your vintage model. 

Fin Setup: Strictly single (box or set)

Suitable For: Small surf from 1ft–3ft