The V-WIZARD is a modern log/traditional model that is the ‘go-to’ board for those small days. I designed this board based on customers and team riders feedback wanting a board to surf traditional for all conditions. With a new generation of surfers tired of sinking in the summer heat or struggling on their shortboards at the odd point break, the V-Wizard will suit all wanting to ride and smile. The outline is inspired by classic 1960’s longboards with a modern twist. With a flatter rocker throughout the board, its an exceptional paddler and trim queen, coupled with a refined V bottom throughout the tail will ensure the board is still a functional turner. A long drawn out nose concave allows for extended, easier tip time! Standard tail is square, but can be custom order as a diamond or a tail of your choice!

Fin SetupStrictly single (box or set)

Suitable For: Small surf from 1ft–3ft